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Jerky of the Month Club

Jerky of the Month Club - 3 Month Subscription
Jerky of the Month Club - 3 Month Subscription - Click to EnlargeJerky of the Month Club - 3 Month Subscription - Click to Enlarge

Jerky of the Month Club - 3 Month Subscription

3 Month Subscription: 
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This item is currently out of stock!

Product Description

Our Gourmet Food Clubs Jerky of the Month Club
Three months of jerky. Hearty, yet healthy. Have at it.

About the Jerky Club:

In today's hectic world, itís hard to eat healthy. Fast food and highly-processed snack foods are often the only option for busy people. But thereís a healthier, tastier option for when youíre in a bind and need a quick snack or meal on-the-go. Jerky is the surprising solution to unhealthy snacking. This high-protein, low-fat snack isnít just for the hiking trail anymore. And there are many varieties of gourmet jerky that put those found in truck stops and gas stations to shame. The Jerky Club offers a hearty variety of dried, smoked, jerky strips that are rubbed, marinated, and smoked overnight for bold, savory flavors. From Teriyaki to Garlic Pepper flavors, and meat varieties like traditional beef and smoked Alaskan salmon, the Jerky Club upgrades the definition of snacking-on-the-go. Why not "Gourmet-on-the-Go" instead? The 100% natural jerkies you'll get in this club are a high-quality, quick snack that will get you through your busy day.

What you get:

3-Month Membership. You'll send either 1-2 different 2 oz. bags of gourmet jerky in a different meat and flavor variety each month. Some meat varieties might include beef jerky, pork jerky, bacon jerky and salmon jerky, and flavors range from BBQ, Pepper, and Teriyaki.

Why this gift?

It's ironic that jerky is the perfect gift for someone with no time to spare. Why? Because making good jerky is a very slow process. All the jerky strips in the club are sliced with precision then meticulously smoked in brine overnight. It takes over 20 hours to ensure no added preservatives are ever needed in this process. We take the time so your friend doesn't have to. And you don't either. Sign up for Jerky Club, add a personalized gift message and a few clicks later, we'll ship it right out.

Shipping Included

All of our monthly clubs include the shipping and handling cost. Surcharges will apply to orders outside the Continental U.S.

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