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Mushroom of the Month Club

Mushroom of the Month Club
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Mushroom of the Month Club

3 Month Subscription: 
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Product Description

Our Gourmet Food Clubs Mushroom of the Month Club
The gift club for someone who's mad about mushrooms.

About the Mushroom Club:

Dried, gourmet mushrooms are coveted by both fine food connoisseurs and health-conscious cooks. The highly-versatile mushroom is not only delicious, but is packed with health benefits as well. Mushrooms contain umami, the fifth taste sensation that creates more full-bodied flavor and overall satisfaction when mixed with other ingredients. It's why mushrooms work so well in so many recipes. Itís also why the Mushroom of the Month Club makes an ideal gift for a friend, foodie or family member.

What you get:

3-Month Membership. You'll send one 1/2 oz. bag of different dried mushrooms every month (each bag is equal to 1/4 lb. of fresh mushrooms). Mushrooms come in different types with varieties like Shiitake and Porcini.

Why this gift?

Letís face it: gourmet mushrooms can be expensive. But there's no reason why your favorite chef or foodie should go without these gourmet goods. The Mushroom of the Month Club puts the cap on mushroom shortages for three straight months. Take our word for it: our wide variety of wild mushrooms will have your lucky gift recipient singing your praises. Perfect for any occasion like a birthday, wedding, anniversary, Christmas, Father's Day or Mother's Day.

Shipping Included

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