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Don't use your fingers, use an olive spoon!

Olive Spoon

Olive Spoon



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Product Description

It's hard to remove an olive from the jar gracefully. You can dump them out, jab at them with a fork, fish around with a regular spoon, or when all hope is lost, stick your fingers in the jar. But as you well know, none of these options work very well.
Thankfully, this olive spoon has come to the rescue. Itís perfect for an olive addict or to put out when entertaining! This spoon is perfectly curved for olives and has holes in the bottom of the scoop so it can drain the juice. Finally eat olives with some grace. It can also be used easily for onions, capers, and other pickled foods in a jar.

(Also makes a perfect addition to the Gourmet Olive Gift Basket!)

  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Measures 7"/18cm long.